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The RTL English Curriculum is comprised of 15 learning levels. These levels offer a total of 600 student workbooks, 4000 worksheets and 12,500 teaching notes that you can use to teach your child from 3 to 18 years old. Each level offers up to 36 lessons (& weeks) of teaching. You can teach the lessons as fast or slow as you like.

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... that will help you teach RTL English to your child.

Phonic Sounds For Parents

This handbook provides examples of advanced phonic sounds. It will help you pronounce consonant digraphs, vowel digraphs, diphthongs, ‘R’ controlled vowel sounds, blended consonants, triphthongs and other phonic sounds

Student Certificates

A Student Certificate acknowledges your child’s achievement. You can apply for a Student Certificate for your child when they finish any level (Levels 1 to 15, Phonics Course 1 to 3) or learning stage (i.e Foundation, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced).

Which Workbook?

Use the placement tool to find the best starting point for your child. Just answer a few questions about your child’s age and standard of English, and the placement tool will provide you with a guide as to a likely starting point for your child in the RTL English Curriculum.

Teaching Instructions

15 page book. Topics include: How can I teach RTL English? Does RTL English support learning in my country? What Happens In a Lesson? What Will I Teach My Child? How Will I Use The Workbooks? Teaching Tips & much more.

School Reference Letter

Apply for a school reference letter for your child. It can help with a school application because it helps teachers understand what your child has done. The letter will describe what your child has been taught in their current level of learning & indeed the letter is available during all learning levels.

Progress Reports

Use our Progress Reports to make a note of what your child did in each lesson, and how well they did it. These reports will provide you with a handy guide that you can use to refer back to later and marvel at how much progress your child has made or what aspects of their learning require more attention.

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